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History of the
Hansen Family Tree Farm

Hansen Family Tree Farm was started in Sanbornton, NH in the foothills of the White Mountains near Lake Winnipesaukee. The homestead of the Hansen's was where in 1981 Robert, Dirk, and Todd planted the first trees.
In 1986 Robert died and the sons continued to work the farm. Though planting was moved to Connecticut, our present site of operation, the trees already planted in NH continued to receive care. In 1986 Hansen's Tree Farm opened for sale for the first time and we continued to sell there until 1996 when our tree supply ran out.
While selling and caring for the trees in NH the sons continued to plant and care for the trees in Woodstock CT. In 1977 Dirk and Joyce bought their house and had always had a few christmas trees growing on their property which afford a opportunity to plant more and move the business to CT, In 1996 trees for the first time were sold from the Woodstock location.
In 1987 Todd purchased land and a house in Amston, CT and shortly after started to plant Christmas trees there. He was open for sales in 1998. In 2002 he sold his part of the farm, to a couple who will continue to grown and sell Christmas Trees, to pursue his interests in Bonsai.
The Hansen Family has grown through the years with the addition of Dirk's son Trevor and daughter Cortney. With the help of neighborhood workers and friends, we continue to plant, care for, and sell our trees.
It is a family business which allows us to work together. It has decrease in size but we continue to grow and maintain 10,500 trees.